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My fees vary from business to business.  I currently sit as a Director on over 8 UK limited companies. Which i have sat on since the starting stage to where they are today. Growth hackers have different level skill set but almost every single growth hacker would of done their own business at one stage. Its obvious how can some grow your business when they haven’t even tried their own business? You can look at my blog later this year (2014) with all the different levels of Growth hackers to give you a better idea. I would be considered a level 10 growth hacker – which includes skills and experience in  programming, design, CAD, tax, HR, business, PPC, Social media, analysis, data manipulation, print media, commercials (video editing) and the anticipated one PR & SEO.  Something to think about the entrepreneurs that pitch on the TV show Dragons Den you may notice many say they are looking for more then just an investor because the dragons have done business they will know key secrets that are considered game changers but these secrets will come for a price. This is exactly what a growth hacker can do for your business. Especially as a start-up my skill set will blast your business out the park. Last thing you want to do is invest 30-40k and then fail at your business. My fee for start ups start as little as £0. After 18 months my fees start at £5,000+vat per month. More details below

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Start-ups – Trading less then 18 months

Monthly Fees from £0 (terms to discuss)

Depending on your start up and what you are looking for. My consultation fee for a start up is £150.00 for 1 hour from my offices. Where you will be able to pick my brain for ideas, plans and improvements on your business and i will assess your business plan. When booking a consultation appointment i will send you a list of things you can bring if you like that can help you at our meet. Hiring a professional growth hacker for a new start up will have the  are most valuable and I personally absolutely with a passion love them! The passion the drive the adventure! I can add value not only from the marketing side but from the business side. I will also include growth hacker training in this package and if you go on to doing more businesses in the future you will be able to do so your self.

Ricky Knight

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Established SME’s – Trading over 18 months

Monthly Fee from £5,000 (minimum term 6 months)

If your an established business it is very easy to determine the market size and the potential of your business. In our package it will include at least 2 days per month working from your offices and my fees are fully refundable if targets not achieved. My consultation fee for a SME is £5o0.00 for 3 hour this can be from my office or your office if within the M25. If out of the M25 i charge an additional fee for travel.

Ricky Knight


Intentional businesses looking to enter the UK market

Monthly Fee from £15,000 (minimum – term 12 months – £180,000.00)

Please contact for more information

Ricky Knight

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Companies with 100 employees and more –

Monthly Fee from £20,000 (min. contract 18 months – £360,000.00) 

Please contact for more information

Ricky Knight

Please contact for more information


1) How can i pay my fee * I accept card payments or BACS. In some cases payment on day can be arrange also.

2) What if a hire you and their is not change in my business * i will not take a job that i cant do. During the consultation we can arrange growth terms. Im very flexible if we have in our terms your expecting a certain target for my fees or money back im happy to do so. 

3) Are you a 1 man band * No, I have a team dedicated that work with me and i have unlimited resources – depending on the project to project to list all the things i can offer would be a 500 page book, but an example in projects ive been involved in hiring staff via my network for companies to billboard campaigns where ive arranged vans and tie back team. But you will be leasing with me on the project day to day.  

4) Who will be my point of contact? *You will be leasing with me on the project day to day. But have contact numbers for 2-3 team members who will be actively working on your project and you will be able to meet and contact incase for any reason i’m not available. 

How Growth Hackers Change the Game in London Businesses

If you are in London, chances are that you have heard the term growth hacker.   Before you start picturing someone cutting down the latest growth, read on to find out what a growth hacker is, and how having one on your marketing team can change your business.


What is a Growth Hacker?

Many people misunderstand what a growth hacker is.  Contrary to popular belief, a growth hacker is not a marketer.  Growth hackers focus on helping startup businesses see the growth they need to become successful.  Whereas marketers are best called in after a company has started to see growth, a growth hacker should be there from the beginning, focusing only on the idea of growth for your business.


What Does a Growth Hacker Do?

A growth hacker’s job is to grow your startup.  Everything they do centers around making your company grow, which is what all new businesses need if they want to be successful.  Unlike traditional marketers, who market products that you can actual hold in your hand, a growth hacker uses the internet to focus on all products, whether they are services, software, or social platforms.

The internet has created an entirely new type of product, and a growth hacker helps grow businesses that focus on software and other internet based products.  They do this by understanding that these types of products actually help grow themselves – just look at the free space available for those that invite their friends to Dropbox, and the user experiences that are created through platforms like Facebook.  These sites grow themselves by giving something to those that use them – tangible products just cannot do this.


How Growth Hackers Change Business

Growth hackers change business because they spend their time on avenues that actually make a difference for digital based companies.  This includes search engine optimization, understanding browsing patterns of potential customers, and understanding how to use these concepts in conjunction with social media to help businesses see growth.


How Growth Hackers Change the Game

Growth hackers use a wide range of technology to create growth solutions for startups.  In many cases, growth hackers are also programmers, which allows them to further enhance the potential for faster growth.  When potential customers can see your business or service throughout their normal internet routines, your business get noticed – which is a game changer for these types of startups.  The creativity involved in growth via the internet can be extreme, which is why growth hackers love their jobs.  The creative thinking required for true, fast growth relies on the leveraging of platforms that already have a huge base, such as, Facebook, Craigslist, and the like.

Growth hackers also look for unconventional methods of growth that others have not discovered.  By doing this, the result can be a serious potential for immediate growth, even if the method used is suddenly stopped, which happens frequently on social platforms.  If you are ready to see growth, you need a growth hacker on your team.


For more info view this Wikipedia page about growth hacking.