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I make start ups successful and i make existing businesses grow beyond their imaginations. 


What is a growth hacker? Great question!

Growth hackers are know as The “Mad Men” of the 21st. Century

Herein lies the tightrope walk of the growth hacker.  Persuasion is based on pulling insights from behavioral economics to find the right message that make people listen. The best of the best growth hackers wrap the message around the thoughts and minds of users, weaving it into the fabric of their daily lives with such unassuming comfort they barely realise they’re being pulled in, tapping into the subconscious mind in a way traditional advertising methods cannot.

In some respects its true what they say, growth hackers are the Mad Men of the 21st. Century. 


Making a business work ranges from thousands of variables starting from the correct recruitment to the best training, operations and not to forget a viable business plan. The area I specialise; is the area that brings the customers to you. Targeting the audience that will BITE your hand off for YOUR goods /services and product. I have been in business a very long time and have a vast amount of understanding of what exactly consumers are looking for! IAM THE GOTO MONEY MAN! Using a cocktail of modern day growth hacking techniques and old school conventional techniques combined with state of the art programming code I can delivery results most businesses could only dream off. I cant revel all my tricks although reading my website may give you some ideas on how to kick off a business. If my site has motivated you i hope you do try do something and if for any reason you do need my help please contact. My fee’s are fantastic for business trading within their first 18 months. Please refer to my fee’s section for more details

Web design

If you employ me to drive thousands of customers to you from all over WORLD using my techniques and networks. What’s the first thing these customers will see? Your website. I create and modify websites to make them more responsive to your audience. Making sure when all the hard work is done getting them to you they will knock! Not just go back to where they come from. This moment in time is fast and you have to make sure you nail it. I’am a specialist in A to B conversions I will make sure your found and your website will delivery what you want.


Branding something that is critical and is directly connected to your audience a common mistake businesses make and I have done so my self in the past it creating a brands that i personally like and the audience i’m targeting does now not. Whats the point! I investigate your target audience and your competitor and create a competitor attack plan. I push for better branding, better pricing more options when it comes to branding I intergrate my self into the soul of the business truly making a difference creating something every person you target will want to buy

Print design

Id say since Facebook age started printing has gone down by 99% its a new age where everything is emailed or on-line. But business owners are not taking advantage of this! I’am the man for this i have flyered homes door to door till passing out in the car to posters electrical boxes, phone booths to pavements.  I can assure getting the right person to manage your media campaign is one of the most important things you will do, right person doing it correctly skys the limit!


SEO being no.1 in Google for your business. Well every SEO company will say that they are the best and convince you to pay them thousands, but in return wont  guarantee nothing. In certain cases even show you blogs from high ranking Google directors calming the same thing no-one can guarantee top spot. Well  that’s nonsense if you pay me a fee to be no.1 and no.2 and no.3 you know what all 5 top spots in Google i will and if i dont ill refund my fees. Admittedly my fee may seem ludicrously higher then some of the quotes you may have had but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Its like the guy you meet at the pub saying he can do what Michael Schumacher does in the F1 his been driving since he was 15 and now drives lorries and you paying him based on what he says with guarantee lol. Funny as it sounds its true, ive seen great business do this! Not to mock the poor guy but you got a job that needs doing and you have not got the time or money to waste with no insurance.

Some of my work


Gary, Owners at Bridgewater Blinds

I'am no1 for commercial blinds in north London. Nothing more I can say.

Harry, Director at Knight Learning

This is the only tool your business needs.

Sandeep Rattan, Managing Directo

Still using this software 6 years later.


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