Traditional Marketing Methods are Fading Fast

Data, product, marketing and distribution are the foundation by which a growth hacker hones his craft. Driven by product instincts with a technical vocabulary to implement whatever goal they wish to achieve, these tech gurus have mastered the art of segueing data, product and marketing to implement whatever strategy they want. Niche marketing on the web along with mass customization has caused traditional mass media marketing methods to fade. However, an overload of data will also drive potential consumers away simply because it is overwhelming and fatiguing. While people base their purchasing decisions on facts, numbers and price points, they also still appreciate creativity in how it is marketed. If two products were exactly identical in nature, and one was marketed better, chances are it is the one that would be selected simply because it caught the consumer’s attention. However, it had to be done in a creative, data driven way unlike traditional advertising methods of the past.



Fact Always Trumps Fluff

It is this combination of marketing data in a repetitive and measurable way that gives credibility to the growth hacker over a traditional advertising agency or marketing specialist. Facts and numbers don’t lie, and potential buyers prefer fact over fluff, regardless of how attractive or appealing the advertisement, tagline, SEO or string of enticing keywords may be.